Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time For a Wish List

Almost to the end of another year. So on that note, here's some things I hope to accomplish in 2009:

1)Colorwork: my gauge in colorwork sucks. Starting with my first project in the New Year though I will try to make this better. For this "test", I'm knitting the "A Family Affair" hat out of Elise Duvkot's new book "Knit One Below". 5 colors, stranding is fairly minimal, but gotta start somewhere.

2)My Capelet: other than our Dancer dolls, this'll be the first time I have something the rest of the gang does. Maybe we can wear them at St. Pat's?...

3)Mom's socks: yeah, didn't quite get there. Again.

4)Something signifying my allegience to Great Big Sea: this will have to be designed by me. Possibly a sweater with their names knit in and use the anchor I put on Andi's hat... cables (fun), and colorwork; helping me to accomplish 1). Hmm... Must give this more thought...

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