Monday, December 15, 2008

Yeah, I'm still here!

Whew! Nearly made it through another holiday season! Happy Birthday's out to the biggest and littlest b(r)others: Quinn and Sean. And Jackie is today so hey to you too!
Finally got all the pics up and notated. Not quite. I have pics for the first of my new pair of mitts. Desperately in need of these but did I think of it this summer? Noooo! Will try and get one of them up by the weekend.
The Think Outside the Sox contest socks have been sent off for a week. Completed them on the 6th and sent them the 7th. No pics of these until the New Year; ie after the deadline is past. I don't think anyone could try them that fast but I'm not chancing it!
The GBS exchange was so much fun. Andi loved her hat and I received an awesome memory box from Eva, full of stickers and charms and all kinds of little doodads. Very cool; can't wait for the summer exchange!!
In knitting design news: I'm gathering ideas for MY CAPELET!! Shannon and Heather wore theirs the night of the GBS concert (thanks for the T, Quinny!!) and looked really sharp and the last time I was at Michael's they had Bernat "Satin" on sale, sooo... I'll do a post just on where my ideas are so far. Need to start thinking Sarah hat too while I'm being all designy...

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