Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meditative Thoughts... or Are They?

It's funny how as you age, things that used to annoy you to the point of throwing things now offer an almost meditative calm. Take the lovely hank of handpainted merino I've been trying to untangle since last year sometime. I spent hours the past few days just quietly working through the tangles and loops and instead of getting frustrated like I normally would, I found focusing on the lovely shades of gray very soothing.

I've always disliked the whole "knitting is the new Yoga" comments. Probably because I dislike Yoga. I gave it, I think, a fair shot. I attended beginner sessions on two very separate occasions (with different instructors, even), mostly to see what friends were talking about. I really didn't like it. Really didn't. Not my cup of tea at all. So, those comments have always irked me. Right down to the core of my being. So no fears, this isn't going to turn into one of "those" posts. Just the thought has my teeth on edge, to be honest.

No, I think I've hit upon something about myself. Perhaps, just maybe, in some small way, I'm becoming a calmer and less reactive person. Where I normally would've pitched the tangle at a wall and stuffed it back into the zippered plastic bag after 5 or 10 minutes, I had the patience to sit with it and nudge it through and around and watch the two little balls I've started at each end get bigger and bigger. Add in the purrs of my nearly 18 year old cat and it was a very Zen-like afternoon.

I should add to this that my physical health is not at it's optimum just now. I have the sore sinuses and razorblade coated throat that mean Spring is upon us. And of course, all the aches and heaviness of limbs that goes with those. So sitting quietly is just what I needed; really it was almost all I could do. Maybe that's were the patience came from? The knowing I didn't have the energy to do anything else.

And it could be that I'm over-analyzing my time spent with a tangle of lovely merino yarn and my cat. That's equally possible too.


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