Monday, October 19, 2015

A Knitting Front Round-Up

Yesterday, I explained my health situation and I mentioned that I've been knitting quite a bit during this whole thing. So, I figured today I'd do a bit of a rundown of what I've been working on and where I'm at with various projects. There's even two (count 'em: 2!!) FOs to report ;)

Back in May, I started a second Carson (Romi Hill). If you've read my posts, you're familiar with my first one getting lost in the aftermath of our little flood. So, this is kind of a replacement but it's such a beautiful design that I just really wanted a finished one.
The purple is a hand-dyed with a sparkly strand spun into it that I bought while living in Regina, at the now closed (sob!!) Golden Willow. The black is KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer so that both yarns are shimmery shiny. I'm up to the lace edge on this one and I've chosen to take the shimmer and factor up a notch by adding in beads! I need my head examined lol But it's looking good and that's what I want.
Here's a view of the two yarns and the first row of beads. Progress is coming along on this beauty :)

In June, Romi Hill released the first of her 'Asymmetry' small shawls series. I love her little series; I have 3 of the 5. The first design is called "Purless", an all knit piece. It really spoke to me so I cast on with some KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in 'canopy' my dear friend Susie gave me ages ago. I think I was less than two weeks knitting it. What a sweet and quick little piece! And it works with a variety of yarn weights. Good for gifting, hint hint ;)

A few in progress shots and the finished object (Told ya I had FOs). I still haven't blocked her but I'm really pleased with how it turned out :)

My second June start was a second Purless. Remember I mentioned it can be knit in various yarn weights? I found a brilliant colorway of Patons Canadiana and immediately knew it was for Roomie's birthday gift. And after how easily I finished my Purless, I thought it was just the ticket. I started near the end of June and by mid-July I had it done :) Had to wait til she was out of town on a visit to block it but it turned out really well :)

Hmm, in a display of technology doesn't like Síle, I can't find the finished picture. But it is on Ravelry, dear knitters. The project is called 'Shoe Girls' and is under my 2015 tab as well as a few others.

In July, I started getting bored only being able to knit. I know, I know: how many times have any of us said that we want unlimited knitting time? Or that that's all we would do if we could? We've all said it at some time or other. I learned the truth isn't nearly as fun. Everything just felt like a chore and after finishing the second Purless, I didn't touch my needles for about a week. Then one evening I was watching "Princess Bride" (YTV saving Saturday night tv!!) and it struck me that what I wanted was something simple, almost thoughtless. I grabbed a skein of the Bernat Satin Shimmers I had bought (color is Amethyst; my birthstone) and cast on a Clapotis ( I haven't really worked on it since that evening, but it was just what I needed to relax my brain and hands. I have it hibernating in one of the project bags on the back of my door. If I need it, it's there.

In August I was having some difficulties. The tendinitis in my left shoulder flared up, leaving me unable to knit for a few days. I'd do a bit on Carson, and I cast on and frogged a few things. Nothing seemed right. The September KAL on the Romi Hill group on Ravelry was to knit with a yarn that is Preciousss to you. I've had this lovely hank of hand-dyed from Lindsay for awhile. She dyed it for my birthday so it's a one of a kind thing; it is my Preciousss yarn.
I cast on for Alcyone. Love the pattern and the yarn is gorgeous but the colors in the yarn were muddying the lace pattern. I set it aside. I still want to make something with this yarn now that it's caked. I frogged the Alcyone and am now looking at Diane (Romi Hill) as a possibility.

Also in September, I decided it was time I had a new sweater. And I have six balls of lovely green Red Heart Soft Touch that Roomie gave me. Hmm... My search led me to 'Amused' (; top-down with clever reversible cables at the collar and plackets, perfect for fall layering. Sold! I happily started my sweater :) But after I joined and started in the round, I discovered a problem. A big one. The other 5 balls of yarn were missing. Not in any of the stash in my room and I tore through my few remaining things in the basement: no more lovely green yarn :( I wanted to cry. I haven't frogged it and I set the project page to hibernate. If I can find more of that color at Walmart, I will finish it. I really want that sweater!! *sigh* I so rarely go for a big project like a sweater so it's a real blow. Hopefully I find more of the green.

October is upon us and boy is there a bite in the air today! We're at 5C, 2C with wind and what not factored in. Second rainy cold day; autumn or rather pre-Winter is here.

My start project this month is one that will take me the better part of a year to complete. I was looking for hockey themed knits and I happened across the pattern "Crackerjack". Originally conceived for the baseball fan, it's been adopted and adapted by fans of other sports. The basic premise is simple: a win/lose record of your favorite team's season. I started with a little border in Garter st before joining in the round, and I've happily knit 4 rounds for every game  (one game got 5 rnds as we had a shutout :)) my Montréal Canadiens have played so far. I chose 4 colors to represent away wins, away loses, home wins and home loses. And I went with 4 rnds per game in honor of the late #4 Jean Beliveau. Fitting, I thought. So after every game, I knit my 4 rnds with the appropriate color and by season's end I'm gonna have one heck of a scarf! Which is cool, because a scarf is something I can use. Unlike hats which I never wear or mitts that I always seem to lose.

If you'd like more details on any of my projects, visit my notebook on Ravelry; I'm knit-dance-repeat :) And until I can get the other pics to work here, all my good project photos are there as well. You can also follow my progress on Instagram; I'm the imaginatively named knittingsile ;)

That was quite a round-up today! Now maybe I won't take so long between posts lol


(edited 6:19pm NDT: pictures are working again :) )

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