Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anyone remember that little challenge I gave myself...

I think it was over a year ago now. I was going to get back into dance shape and kind of push myself a bit. We all know where the road to good intentions go...

But I'm quite pleased with myself today. Today marks my third go round with my noisys (ie hardshoes) since the move :) And each session has been at least an hour :)

Have to give credit where credit's due: it's the new place making this possible. Not only has my daily to and from work gone from 12.2km down to 2.6km, giving me actual energy to dance after 8 hours on my feet, but there is a lovely unfinished basement. A concrete floor just begging for stomps and stamps, trebles and toe-jumps :)

Ah, it feels good after nearly 3 years away from it. Haven't tried anything softshoe; a little concerned about the hard floor and only having ghillies between it and my toes.

So for now, I'm trying to do one day a week for at least an hour. I've even got the Oracle out and been tackling not only good ol' St. Patrick's Day (steps 1 & 2 for now; my stamina is gone!!! how did I ever survive 1-5??), but I've dusted off the stampy Hornpipe (heehee, still picture David clapping to this) and Bernadette's Mayhem, the first (only?) treble jig I ever remembered mostly what I was supposed to do :) It feels good to be back at it :) I know my technique has gone to pot and my turn out is atrocious, but I'm working at it and maybe, maybe mind you, with a little perseverance I can get back to looking like a "real" dancer again. Or at least feel like one.


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