Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That's It!!

I'm completely fed up with myself. I've been in Newfoundland for 19 months and while I've got 43.6lbs gone now, my flexability has gone to pot. I decided to stretch and run the old class warm-up. I'm ashamed to say I can only kick as high as my shoulder 2/5 tries on my left and 3/5 on my right. Not acceptable. Not for the girl who not that long ago had the "title" Slip Jig Queen.

So rather than just realizing it and mourning the good ol' days, I've set my task reminder for my days off and one other day a week. A minimum of 3 days a week I'm thinking will have me back in dance-shape by the time we move to Town and I can join an actual class again.

I'm going to stop feeling like this motionless lump and get moving again. I'm doing this. I'm determined to do it.

Sorry for the rant but the more places I put this the more I'm going to stick to it. I took a pic during this morning's stretch. My feet are still strong, as are my legs. I can do this.

TTFN; knitting news next post, I swear ;)

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