Friday, January 9, 2009

MY CAPELET!!! (Well, the start of it...)

This is a fairly decent view of the knotwork lace and simple edging I've chosen for my capelet. Am roughly 1/4 the way through this portion of the project. The lace is from a project out of "A Gathering of Lace", gathered by Meg Swansen. The project is "Ingrid's Bridal Shawl". I've moved the chart a bit to knit the border as a flat piece for the bottom edge of my capelet. The edging is one I found in a Debbie Bliss baby book (can't recall which one) on a simple little white dress. I didn't want anything too lacy or too wide. Also needed it to fit the lace reps evenly! 8 rows to the edging and 16 in beg and end sections of the knotwork. Actual lace has 20 rows, so twice through is 40, which works!

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