Monday, January 26, 2009

Ireland is back in Mosaic!!! Help me pick my project!

For those not from Regina, Mosaic is our annual multicultural festival, held the first weekend of June. The Irish pavilion took last year off to rest and regroup but we're all fired up about 2009! I'm heading up displays, as is usual. One of the things I do every year as part of the displays is to act as a living display and knit something "Irish" during the 3 days of the festival. I've done a toddler sized Aran sweater, an Aran-"fleeced" sheep (Sam the Ram; pattern from Three Kittens Yarn Shop in St. Paul, MN)... So am wanting to get some feedback on what I should go for this year. I don't like too large a project as I do have to set it down to go and dance (Prairie Gael School of Irish Dance Adult Advanced class), and also get up and answer questions about the various display items... I pride myself on knowing little tidbits about each and every item I put on display. So start suggesting things; my needles are waiting to fly!

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