Saturday, November 1, 2008


Am progressing well on H's gifty. Shannon's will be delivered on Tuesday at class. Nat finally showed up to get hers. She loved it. Wouldn't quit modeling it. Very funny; Nat attempting to dance with hat on. Ya had to be there.
GBS concert is a mere 28 days, 5 hours & 58 minutes away!! I ordered a shirt today so I will be properly attired. One must be properly attired for a GBS concert. It's a life altering event after all.
Have joined a gifty exchange on the GBS forums, so not sure yet who I've got and wether there's time to knit them a gifty or am I stuck buying a gifty. Depends on where they live. If they're in Canada or the US I should have time to knit it before sending. If in Europe or somewhere else, unfortunately, probably not. But I'm getting good progress on H's gifty so maybe I could whip up a hat like David's... It went quick... Must ponder the possibilities...

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