Saturday, September 6, 2008

Progress? What's progress?

Well, I haven't really progressed on anything since last post. Have gotten stuck working at the north end which means walking to work and home again, as well as lunch on the floor so no knitting time. This totally sucks. Especially since I had to rip back 3/4 of Shannon's present because it just wasn't what I wanted. And I still need to get the sweater for Aisling's baby done and sent off. She's only due the 18th of this month!
In more exciting news, dance registration night is this coming Monday (8th)! Yeah! Although my class is moving to Tuesdays and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it there on time when I get off work at 6p, and class is (supposedly) at 6:30p. Coming from the south-end the bus will leave downtown at 6:35p; coming from the north-end, I miss the 5:55p so not sure when the next one comes... Not overly thrilled about this move to Tuesdays/time change. Hoping that things can get shifted to say 7p. Then I can at least be there on time!
No new pictures to put up. Weather has straightened out but the screwy working conditions are getting to me. Heck, I'm behind writing to my penpals! Need to catch up this weekend.
That's it.
P.S. Is anyone reading this? From anywhere? Let me know!

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