Monday, August 11, 2008

How Did I Mess Up my Shawl?...

So, had to go out to the evil EastEnd of the city today. And of course since that involves a bus ride, I took along my green shawl to work on. (I had to go all the way to Michael's for waste canvas! Gale's doesn't have it; WalMart quit carrying it. I really hate that Canadiana closed; I can't find half my stuff anymore!) So, am on the bus and finish up a WSR (all K) and start working on row2 of my little sheepy friends, when I come to a spot of too many sts between sheepys. Easy fix: dec an extra st. Continuing on... wait a second! There's not enough room for this sheep's head... What have I done? Upon actually looking at the shawl (this is oh so helpful), my sheepy friends are apparently playing games with me: 1 sheep had only 10 sts for her back (the others have 12), another is feuding(?) with her neighbor as they're 9 sts apart instead of 5. Now I get to tink back 2 1/2 rows of garter st based lace to get back to the first renegade sheep and put my flock back to rights.
Still no clue what I'm doing for Shannon's and Heather's birthday giftys.

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