Saturday, May 3, 2008

Capelets. Cats on Walks. Contest Socks.

Nothing really new to report. Monique's capelet is in the final stages; I just completed the 5th dec row. There are 9 in the upper section. Haven't got over to GW yet so am just sorting out what to do for my contest socks with some Bernat Hot Sox I have laying around. It would work well but then I can't enter any of the really cool categories. That and I don't have quite enough for a pair of socks.
Maureen and I participated in the MS SuperCities Walk last Sunday. If the wind had been less, it would have been nice. I have 2 pics of her to post: one before we left the house and one at the last rest-stop. Will get those up soon.
That's where I'm at this week!

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