Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things are fixed; More important things...

I've managed to get it so all my text is now showing. How can ya tell that a knitter is in charge of this thing not someone with a clue what to do with a computer? Well, that about taxes my thinky-thing today. Seriously, people think using this is easy? (Technophobe alert!) As I say, I'm a knitter.
In way more interesting news, I've started both the lace collar for Cathleen and the BSJ for Vitoria's baby. The BSJ is being done out of Luxury Alpaca Paint in a gorgeous turquoise/olive/kelly/marine variegated. The Heart Hat will be of the same. I found the cutest duck buttons for it as well. It'll look like the duckies are floating on a lake. Too cute! Also found some cherry-red Lopi with multi-colored flecks for Bernie's Beret. The lace collar is on 2mm needles using #10 crochet cotton. Looking pretty nice so far. Will need to take a pic of it. And no I haven't got around to seaming together Bernie's jacket. Seriously, that would make too much sense to get that out of the way before starting something new and fun. That's it for today. Have fun with your knitting!

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