Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I said I was Going to


Today I published the first pattern and launched the ebook I first dreamed up two years ago.

The Light Reel Cowl went live on Ravelry this morning. And after getting things situated, I added All the Jigs and Reels as a source/ebook. So now I can give an approximate timeline of the patterns:

Light Reel Cowl today (Sept 26, 2018)
Light Jig Tam  Oct 2018 (10th-ish; it's in test knitting currently)
Single Jig Mittens  Dec 2018
Slip Jig Shawl Feb 2019
Treble Reel Toque March 2019
Treble Jig Legwarmers April 2019
Hornpipe Bag May 2019

These are approximate release times; it will depend on my tech editor's workload and how test knits go.

In addition to the patterns listed, which will be sold both in the ebook and singly for those who only want one or two, there are 2 additional patterns that will be exclusive to the ebook. As they are sister designs to two of the above, they'll be released with those patterns. Tentatively that'll make Dec and Feb bonus months ;)

Here's the link to the Light Reel Cowl and to All the Jigs and Reels

That's all my excitement!



Dragonquillca said...

That's wonderful news! Congratulations!

Síle said...

Thank you! I'm a bit proud of myself for finally getting there 😊